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More about me and my Shizz

Top 5 Games
1 - Final Fantasy 7
2 - Pokemon Yellow
3 - Skyrim
4 - SMT : Luficer’s Call
5 - Rogue Galaxy

Top 5 Books/Series
1 - The Redemption Of Althalus
2 - The Night Angel Trilogy
3 - The King Killer Chronicles
4 - The Broken Empire Trilogy
5 - Skulduggery Pleasant

Top 5 Animes
1 - Elfen Lied
2 - FMA - Brotherhood
3 - Bleach
4 - Death Note
5 - Soul Eater

Diary - Entry 13,

Short one I think Diary. 

I feel mildly okay today, not sure for the reason behind that. I know that tomorrow I’ll have to face my life again, and make serious decisions and take serious action. But for now, in this moment, I actually feel mildly okay. For the next few hours before I fall asleep, I have no obligations, no responsibilities, no nothing. I can be completely myself for awhile.

Now, that’s not to say that I’m not always completely myself, because I make a point to stay true to myself and to not let people influence what or how I think, the things that I like or the things that I do. But I do sometimes have to hide certain aspects of myself, which is normal for many many people I would imagine, though I think I do this more than most. 

Anyways, catch you later Diary.

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